7 Ways To Become Clairvoyant Today

1. Have a goal in mind

Clairvoyancy deals with developing your inner energy in such a way that it aligns and synchs with other energies beyond. When this connection happens, it is then that you may seek answers to questions you may have. 

This is not simply about tapping into your subconscious, but going beyond and connecting with other energies that are there to help you, and to nourish you along your journey. 

Have a goal in mind as to what your questions entail, and how you would like answers to arrive. The answers might arrive in a completely different way that you expect but nonetheless you are beginning to shape up and imagine this connection. 

Some of the most common questions are about love, money, and health - either for yourself, someone you know, or a complete stranger. 

2. Open your third eye

Your third eye is your inner universe. I wish I could say that it didn't take work to expand your vision and your intuitive powers but it does take practice. 

Begin by having the right traits: Humble, kind, and open to being a chalice of communication between this world and other worlds. 

Many of these connections will happen via what are called frequencies. These are vibrational energies that you will encounter when you open and expand upon your third eye. 

Once your own inner energies connect and synch with the vibrations of these other energies - this is when your intuitive energy will begin to create a clearer picture. You might get different pictures in your mind's eye at first but channeling the right ones and connecting to the right frequencies is what will take work and dedication. 

3. Use your Dream Energy

One of the best ways to open your third eye and allow it to channel other energies via frequencies is to use your dream energy. 

Dreams are powerful, and if we allow them to be the source by which we expand upon our third eye, you will find that this will bring you many of the answers you seek. 

Dream energy entails lucid dreaming, dream premonitions, and meditating within dreams - all of this will help you connect with your intuitive powers. 

It all starts with allowing your dream energy to flow through out the day and allowing that energy to merge into your nightly dreams. 

4. Just let go of fears and any other blocks

All the best advice and techniques to developing your clairvoyancy won't capture their true essence if you have any energy blocks, primarily ones build by fears. These can even be subconscious ones that we are not fully aware of. 

Letting go of fears sounds easier than it is, but with practice you can achieve this. Start by stepping out of your comfort zone and being open minded about connecting with your inner energy. 

Anything you venture into will be most difficult when you first start, within it's inception. 

Fears are simply signals that we need to work through. And nothing is more powerful to your personal growth than to break through them and allow yourself to grow spiritually.  

Developing your intuition and clairvoyant powers is one of the best paths to create that everlasting positive growth within you. 

5. Your journey is an amazing one

I mentioned that the way to gain clairvoyant powers is to be kind and in touch with your emotions, but also you have to have a great sense of life being an amazing journey - because it is!

The true source of your third eye essence is in having a wanton desire to explore and connect with the truly amazing world that we live in. See your universe as being a timeless one in which is made up by spiritual energies such as yourself. 

Your curiosity and vibrant energy to learn, grow, and explore, will be the essence of you captivating clairvoyancy that you can then use to know what will happen in the future, and how it will happen, and most importantly - how to react and live through those things that will happen. 

It all starts with having the right attitude and committing to living a better and more universal life. Letting go of fears and worries, and just saying "screw it! I'm not defined by what is holding me back. I am capable of connecting my inner energy to the universe to better my life and that of those around me."

6. Record your journey

This is perhaps one step that many people do not fully apply when it comes to developing their clairvoyant powers, and it's one of the most essential ones. 

You need to be able to record your dreams, experiences, thoughts, energies, in order to develop your clairvoyancy. 

The ability to record things, perhaps in a journal, or even with a voice recorder, or on an app, this will greatly multiply what you've learned and discovered along your journey. Even just jotting down a few notes on a word file, or an app, will be greatly beneficial. 

Our mind can be sneaky with us at times, and quite forgetful also. Simply record your journey and reference at all times when you have additional experiences, dreams, etc. 

All that is possible within yourself and your universe comes down to one secret word which I will share with you below. I won't write about this one word but just leave it there for your to make of it as you wish.

Think about this one word and meditate to it because it is essential.

Use this one word as your open canvas, hence the reason for me not writing in anything further for number 7.

That word is...

7. Imagine




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