The meaning of Clairvoyancy

Clairvoyancy is often simply connected to just being psychic, and thinking it is the be and end all of all psychic gifts and abilities a person can be blessed with.

This is the complete opposite. 

While clairvoyancy is the most popularly known of the gifts, it is definitely not the sole one.

So what IS clairvoyancy? What is the true meaning of it?

Clairvoyancy is actually the marriage of two French terms put together to come up with a single term. Anyone who is psychic has the “clairs” so to speak. Clair means clear in French and this often tells you which gift the gifted person has to begin with. Voyance means seeing. So essentially, someone who is clairvoyant is someone who has the gift of “clear seeing. This means that their 3rd eye (also known as pineal gland or ajna chakra), is fully OPEN. Most people do not have 3rd eye sight because their pineal gland is too calcinated by things like toxic water that is laced with heavy metals and fluoride not to mention the junk they are consuming.

A lot of psychics traditionally are thought to have the clairvoyancy gift, whereas in actual fact a lot of people don't. 

A lot of psychically blessed people have clairaudience, which is clear hearing, clairtangience, clear feeling---clairsentience, clear feeling emotionally, claircognizance, clear knowing (with your spirit guide), clairgustiance (clear smelling) and really, the list can continue.

A lot of people who do scrying and remote viewing are all clairvoyant because you are required to use the minds 3rd eye to be able to see what is invisible to the naked human eyes.

Over time, you end up finding that your psychic ability strengthens and you are a lot more in touch with what you can see with your pineal gland.

The best part about this is the fact that you are able to see what other people cannot see and traditionally clairvoyancy lends you the ability to tune into other psychic gifts and abilities because when you end up seeing things, most likely your spirit guides jump in, and you start to hear things as well. Over time, what ends up happening is that you often become a well rounded individual who is very aware of all their spiritual abilities. 

This gift comes one of two ways...

Either you end up finding that you are gifted from a very young age, most likely when you were between the ages of 2-7 or after a huge trauma, when you experience a lot of loss and you are given the gift of invisible sight to be able to cope with your loss (namely a death) to see, hear, and connect with the spirit of the person who has crossed over.

Clairvoyancy CAN however be developed over time, although it does take a lot of practice and consistency to be able to maintain the openess of your 3rd eye.

Overall I do believe that we have clairvoyant energy within us, yet it is much of the energy baggage, and energy blocks, that often prevents us from developing our gift. Its not hard to do, it just takes patience, being honest with yourself, and being able to look within yourself – in all areas of your heart. Many people cant get to this point, again because of these existing blocks.

Whether clairvoyancy is natural to you or not, you do have it within you. The ability to connect with other energies, and spirit guides, is within you but it does take work. Clearing your energy, your chakras, and being a an instrument of a higher power its all a good start.

Its not about how strong your clairvoyant powers become its about how well you enjoy and develop your own journey, and how much you enjoy helping others.

We all have this amazing gift within us, it is up to us to decide what we would like to do with it.

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