Can certain jewelry really help me develop certain energies?

This question might sound a little bit odd, but it's one that needs to be addressed since it is quite often asked. 

Can a certain necklace or ring help me channel and develop certain energies?

The quick answer is yes... and no.

Anything you put your mind, body, and soul into is capable of receiving such strong energy vibrations that it can transcend energy to make a vibrant motion... one that is either seen or unseen. That is how powerful our inner energy is. 

A special necklace, or ring, is like a hub for ur to focus and channel our energy into. And yes, it can also be any object, but a jewelry piece has certain elements that seem to transfer energy quicker. Such elements can be certain stones, silver, gold, or even design. Also, what is interesting is the unique energy and motion we give to a special piece of jewelry when we wear it. It represents a part of us, and it is also a hub that holds a bit of our energy. 

I remember when I was young and my family would have certain pieces of jewelry that were passed down from generations, and also ones given from friends to friends. Those unique pieces were valuable not only because they were made of gold or silver, but because of the thoughts and energy behind them when they were given, and also all through the years that they had been kept stashed away. 

I believe that this is one of the reasons why many clairvoyants from all over the world wear their own unique special jewelry when connecting to energies that they wish to channel.

The beauty is that such jewelry becomes one of the most intimate bridges to connect with a loved one, or recount certain moments from the past, or wish for an unique moment with a loved one in the future. 

Whether your plan is to pursue clairvoyant rituals, or perhaps you simply want a piece of jewelry that is fashionable in an urban setting... 

the energy is up to you. 

We are the architects of our inner energy and we can decide how we want to feel at a certain moment and the energy we want to transcend. Whether it is transcending energy to a loved one, someone we wish was a loved one, or a stranger. It's up to us to decide how to transcend our energy, how to show it, and how to hold it - whether it is within ourselves, or through a personal extension such as a piece of jewelry. 

So enjoy wearing any type of jewelry that you like, whether it has a deep energetic meaning into it, or just something that express who you are. 

We are the visionaries of our energy. 



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