Five key points to develop your clairvoyant energy.

 Developing your natural psychic abilities can offer several benefits, such as a deeper understanding of your daily life, and deeper understanding of those around you; whether it is friends, family, strangers, or even your twin flame.

Clairvoyant powers can help you understand things not easily perceived by the human eye – things that are more connected to universal energies, including our own inner energies.

Often times reading books that cover this subject in depth can be quite helpful, yet at other times, simply reading short snipets, such as in what this article provides, can also be quite helpful. How so?

Because this article is focused in sections that you can more easily remember, and be able to repeat, so that you can implement these actions into your daily life. And I believe that the secet to retaiting kwnledge and useful techniques is repetition.

Here are 5 powerful guidelines in developing your clairvoyant skills, and getting more reliable and consistent clairvoyant energy to assist, and guide you towards your higher self.

  1. Let go of self-doubts and limits.

It is often common to hear about children claiming to see things that adults simply cannot. Supernatural experiences and encounters are very natural among young children who still have their minds free of limits set up by the physical world, and society.

When children begin to reach the age of about 7 or 8, some of them begin to become more self conscious, and realize that they are the only ones “seeing” these strange auras around people or spirits. When some of these children begin confiding in adults regarding these auras or angels, as they often call them, adults respond by saying that they are only imanging things. Soon after, children begin doubting themselves, and eventually move toward closing down their third eye.         

To be able to recoil that clairvoyant energy within you, you must move beyond having your mind free of all doubts and limits, while re-energizing that natural wonderment you once had as a child.

  1. Reconnect with your “Third Eye”

Our third eye or our “6th sense” is what is responsible for all of our extrasensory perception. You can feel it in the area between your eyes where your “chakra” is located. This chakra area is known to be an energy center which activates clairvoyance.

The third eye is not really only for the supernatural element of ghosts and the occult. Our third eye is a natural part of our self that quite often has been diminshed and needs to be reactivated within your inner energy, and also with connecting with other uniersal energies as well.

It is up to you whether or not you would like to take action to clear this area away from any blocks, as well as clear any other energy blocks within you.

Practice opening your third eye:

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Calm and clear your mind from any single thought. Simply focus on your breath, and then gradually gain more focus to the area between your eyes, just in the center of your forehead.

Imagine a horizontal oval shape resting on this area. Soon the energy you give to your imagination you will begin to see within, your third eye slightly glowing as it appears.

Allow your mind and body energy intention for your third eye to open.

Continue to repeat your request until you feel a warm feeling rush through your body, making you feel like you have been reconnected with a lost part of yourself. Your inner energy reactivation, specially that relating to your third eye might feel different to most people, ubt overall you will be an overall sensation of new stream of awareness of being in the moment.

You can further help this by… 

  1. Practicing mental visualization.

We are able to imagine and dream of peculiar things all of the time simply because our mind is always at work, albeit at different frequency streams that fluctuatate. Yet, we can always become more intentional on what we want to see within our minds eye, and in which direction we would like to direct our inner energy.

Information being sent to us by clairvoyant energy from within the universe often start with mental images, and to make good use of them we need to be good at visual imagination.

Allow images and inner visions to come to you naturally. Just gently whisper within yourself and say: “I ask for these pictures to grow in size and clarity that would be more perceivable for me to see.”

When you ask the universe and you send out clear intentions you will often be pleasantly surprised of the outcome.

To get this energy process just right, remember to always…

  1. Be clear and specific on what you want to know.

Your clairvoyant energy can also help you quite a bit in terms of decision making, but when you are specifically looking for answers, you do not want to muddle your intention and questions that you are setting out into the universe

Be as clear as possible to get as clear an answer as possible. Be specific on the questions you are asking.

Remember that your intention and questions will be transmutted to be a part of your inner energy. This inner energy is what goes out into the universe in search of the right match via sequence and frequencies with the right energy. It’s almost like doing a search through the internet. You are looking for specific results in information.

Making a connection with your inner energy, and having your inner energy then connect with energies out in the universe all begins with…

  1. Trusting yourself.

What makes you different with other known psychic individuals, even professionals, is just the level of clairvoyant energy you have developed and activated.

Don’t ever think that you are not, or that you cannot be good at being a consistent clairvoyant. It does take work in building a tried and true process that delivers answers, but you already have this power within yourself. All you do is activated. And the reason my it does take skill to get better at it, is because, remember, you are taking raw energy and you are interpreting that into pictures or emotions that you can understand on a human level.

Trust that you capable of having such inner energy within yourself, and connecting with other energies with the universe.

Your mind’s eye is that bridge by which these energies cross in order to get translated (unzipped if you will), from raw energy into still images or moving pictures that you can read. These images can be black & white, or in full color, and they can be life-like or blurry images.

You could receive the answer as a feeling, a thought, or a sound. As you gain more experience you will begin to develop the keen ability of knowing what answers to follow up on and discover just what you are looking for.

Continue to ask: “What does this picture mean?”

Trust that the universe will give deliver the answers that you seek, and your ability to further interpret these answers in form of energy will happen.

Again, it all begins with having the wonderment of a child, and asking questions. Then parsing those questions to ask the more accurate questions, and following up on universal energies that respond.

Your third eye is ready for activation.

These are the five key points to develop your clairvoyant energy. Please read through our blog to discover more key points into further developing your clairvoyant powers. 

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