How is Clairvoyancy and telepahty possible?

Some people believe that a piece of jewelry (magnetic or not) will simply create the energy of clairvoyancy or make them telepathic.

I believe that an object has no power other than...

The energy that you give it. 

This means that an object by itself will not create any sort of energy on the level that it exists.

It's simply a vehicle that you utilize and that has been set forth so that it connects energy from a universal spectrum and down to your locality. 

The universal energy that exists within our cosmos is something that we connect to, yet that connection must be from our higher self and not from our ego self. We can't simply order at will to obtain something such as riches or demand that someone loves us. 

But what we can do is simply approach our universal connection with energy of sincerity, goodness, kindness, and manifest that out into the universe. That energy emanates from within us, and it emanates from within our higher universal self. 

When we selflessly give without expecting anything in return, and this in turn, makes us feel good and fulfilled then that is what creates a reflective light that gains awareness and connects you on a higher vibrational level. 

Find your light, find your energy. 

So why is a piece of jewelry, such as a magnetic bracelet useful at all? 

It is quite useful because it helps strengthen the universal connection through focus, will, and an energy stream.

When a magnetic bracelet that you are wearing senses your energy it magnifies it and streams it out into the universe. It also contains other natural earthly elements that helps that connection. 

I am fascinated by magnets because of their true mysterious power, and I might not know everything about them, I do know that they work as a vehicle for our energy, an energy that belongs to us.

Natural elements and objects such as spiritual jewelry are there for us to utilize and help our energy transcend through a higher dimension. 

You might already be aware of this, but if not, I invite you to give it a try and begin wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry that you really love and that you can focus your energy outwardly with. 

It doesn't have to be magnetic but I do believe that magnets bring a new level of spiritual light.

May your universal energy continue to bloom. 


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