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Usually I don't talk about a specific clairvoyant and psychic process because I understand that we are all different, and have different ways to connecting with that energy.  Our background, references, and experiences have helped shape that energy that is within us. 

The universe has many secrets, specially when it comes to clairvoyant / psychic energies, and how to go about someone actually activating them. And I have discovered that nothing is fail proof.  Having clairvoyant powers is a trial and error process in which with experience you learn to read signs more accurately, and you learn of where to go with those signs. 

One way that has always inspired and motivated me is via music.  

Having almost a trance like song that puts me at ease and allows me to focus inward within my own energy, it's stream, it's space, and it's ability to connect subconsciously to other beings, and to other universal energies.  Music has the power to do this. And it doesn't have to be one special type of music - it can be whatever you feel elevates your energy to that level. 

Speak to your inner self and allow words of intent to manifest. 

Speaking to the energies within you does wonders. If there is an energy block, or energy you want to recoil in order to ascend and connect with someone else, or the universe, simply speak directly to that energy. This also works if you speak directly to an illness or feelings of uneasy.  Simply direct your words as if you were having a conversation with another person, and tell it exactly what you feel, what you want to happen and why you are serious about this happening. 

For instance, if you had severe recurring headaches - speak directly to this pain and tell it that is no longer welcome within your body and mind. Tell this pain to leave at once, there is no room for it here, and to descend into the universe and out of you. Repeat this intention while also feeling the reality you wish to happen - all through every fiber of your body and soul. If you make this into somewhat of a process that you apply on different days - you will see change begin to form within you. This has worked for me, and it's something that I learned from Dr. Wayne Dyer. 

Inner energy intent and manifestations are powerful when you allow yourself to develop this process and apply it often. 

Dream energy can move you beyond self manifestation.


Dream energy has the power to work many wonders.  From the ability of giving you clairvoyancy through dreams, healing through dreams, or simply give you the energy to inspire you. There are many ways to connect to your dream energy such as meditation before you sleep, learning about lucid dreaming and out of body experiences. 

I'm not going to overwhelm you here with the various processes that you can take for dream energy, but simply know that through dreams we have the power to not only connect with our own body, mind, and soul, but we also have the power to connect with other people. 

The dream energy process is one that you have to cultivate and be patient as you watch grow, and as your own inner energy blooms.  

Many people believe that dream energy, or any form of clairvoyancy is all i your mind, your subconcious, but I beg to differ.  I do believe that true dream energy, and true clairvoyancy occurs when our own energy connects to other energies; whether it is the energy of another being, or the energy of an universal entity. My own experiences has led me to believe that this is true. 

If you'd like more information, I have two different guides that I have written that will expand on my own process 

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