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The meaning of Clairvoyancy

Clairvoyancy is often simply connected to just being psychic, and thinking it is the be and end all of all psychic gifts and abilities a person can be blessed with. This is the complete opposite.  While clairvoyancy is the most popularly known of the gifts, it is definitely not the sole one. So what IS clairvoyancy? What is the true meaning of it? Clairvoyancy is actually the marriage of two French terms put together to come up with a single term. Anyone who is psychic has the “clairs” so to speak. Clair means clear in French and this often tells you which gift the gifted person has to begin with. Voyance means seeing. So essentially, someone who is clairvoyant is...

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7 Ways To Become Clairvoyant Today

1. Have a goal in mind Clairvoyancy deals with developing your inner energy in such a way that it aligns and synchs with other energies beyond. When this connection happens, it is then that you may seek answers to questions you may have.  This is not simply about tapping into your subconscious, but going beyond and connecting with other energies that are there to help you, and to nourish you along your journey.  Have a goal in mind as to what your questions entail, and how you would like answers to arrive. The answers might arrive in a completely different way that you expect but nonetheless you are beginning to shape up and imagine this connection.  Some of the most...

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What is Clairvoyancy?

Clairvoyancy is an expression of our inner intuition. Not in an ancient kind of way, but more in a modern day style. This is where our inner energy meets our ideal lifestyle.  We believe that anything can be created and sparked by a single thought. A thought that becomes a vision. And we believe that not only can you see that vision within your mind's eye, you can also feel, live it, and and wear it.  That is when our inner vision becomes powerful.  Clairvoyancy already exists within us, but it is up to us to express it by which ever way it inspires us. It is up to us to allow it to transcend us to new heights of...

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