Our Story

Owner/Publisher:                  Christian Cee

Designer/Curator:                 Laura Daniels

Customer Support                Denise S.


Welcome to Clairvoyancy.co.   More than an online fashion store...

The problem with today’s fashion, from small indie boutiques to giant retail boxes, is that most shops only care about selling, instead of allowing their customers to have a unique personal experience with a certain style that is aligned with what they aspire to.

We are all influenced by unique experiences in our daily lives.

I think back of my early impressions in life when I discovered certain styles and fashion of certain past decades. It wasn’t just about the look or glamour, but more importantly about the world they embodied. A world of discovery, and a world of living to the fullest. A magical expression in which we were inspired to be like someone we truly admired, dreamt about, and considered that person to be our personal hero, or perhaps the anti hero, but we were spellbound by the way they lived day in and day out.

Their whirlwind yet fashionable lifestyle that we connected to.

Jewelry and fashion can evoke a timeless memory that we may carry through life and beyond. It’s not simply about the clothes, or the jewelry piece we wear, but the evocative feeling that we put out to the universe… because that energy we put out is a small fragment of our beloved universe.

Our vision for Clairvoyancy is about an intuitive state of mind in which we merge the past, present, and future - merge it into one, and we explore and express it from within our mind's eye. Those timeless moments are within us, and it's what we represent. 

Having a unique jewelry piece not only signifies that, but it's also something we can channel our energy into... it can be very powerful, and move us forward in our spiritual journey. 

Besides Clairvoyancy.co, we publish blogs on various aspects of spiritual energy and dream energy. 

Christian Cee