Heart Wish Necklace
Heart Wish Necklace
Heart Wish Necklace
Heart Wish Necklace
Heart Wish Necklace

Heart Wish Necklace

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Make your wish come true with the Heart Wish Necklace. 


Make a wish. 

Anything you wish for...

Whether it is to gain the love and admiration from someone, or if you have a health wish, or a wealth wish...

Simply write the initials of your wish behind the "wish" plaque. If it is a person, simply write his or her initials - of "tf" for twin flame, whether you know who your twin flame is or not. 

Hang it over the doorway of your bedroom, or from your bedpost, at night as you go to sleep.

To develop your energy flow even more, you may have the initials that you have written on the plaque facing outwards -- simply flip the small plaque in between the chain to the other side of the heart.

Flipping the plaque from the initials side to the side of the "wish" words every other day - will keep the energy flowing. 

If you would like to meditate to it, you may also...

Hold the Heart Wish Necklace within your hands, close your eyes, and meditate for that one wish. Radiate your inner energy within this piece and allow it to transcend out into the universe. 

Our inner energy is powerful, and when we transcend it into a physical object - it transcends out into the universe. 

The Hearth Wish Necklace is meant to inspire you, allow you to dream, and sync your energies to that of the universe in order to make your one wish come true. 

The Heart Wish Necklace will help you:

  • Meditate to your one wish.
  • Gain clarity within your inner energy. 
  • Clear any energy blocks.
  • Transcend the energy of your wish. 
  • A daily reminder of your wish. 
  • Become a physical object that represents your wish.
  • Give you inspirational energy towards your wish. 

The flower inside the heart represents the flower within your heart that seeks to blossom and grow, and is representative of your wish.

Get your Hearth Wish Necklace and run this ritual. If your wish does not gain any strength and move closer to becoming a reality within 3 months - you are welcome to return it. 

Each heart piece is unique and unlike any other, therefore the flower within the heart will vary. 

  • Material type:  alloy, glass, copper
  • Pendant size: 25mm

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"This is a fun and simple ritual that I am partaking in at the beginning of a new year, and a new chapter. This energizes me to take action and have the right energy within." Christian Cee