Twin Flame Consultation

Twin Flame Consultation

$ 149.00


This offer is for those that have inquired about twin flame consultation.  

Due to my limited time I can only offer consultations to a few people via Skype phone and/or email.  

The way it works is like this:

You pay for 2 hour increments, and the time spent during the consultation will be added up and count towards that one hour.  So for instance, with email, we can exchange emails and each would count as 20 mins (on average).  Don't worry about the time, the time will be made to make the most out of it and help you in your twin flame journey. 


Areas of consultation:

  • Help you discover your true twin flame or those that are just karmic relationships. 
  • Identify and clear away any energy blocks that might be hindering you (you would be surprised how often times a person can't see their own energy blocks, and I think this will be of great value since I am able to zoom in on areas most people often miss). 
  • Evaluate the options you have with your twin flame and how to best move forward in your journey. 
  • Connect with your Energy of Duality and Dream Energy so you have the best possibility at attaining your goals.