Twin Flame Secret Dream Catcher
Twin Flame Secret Dream Catcher
Twin Flame Secret Dream Catcher

Twin Flame Secret Dream Catcher

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People have said that a dream catcher helps them prevent nightmares and bad dreams from haunting their sleep, while syncing their inner energy with vibrant dreams within the universe. 

A dream catcher is a mystic Native American spiritual piece that allows bad dreams to be caught in its circular web, while allowing good dreams to flow through. People from all races, and walks of life believe in the powerful dream catcher's superstition and have it hanging nearby their bed while they sleep. 

If you believe in the power of spiritual dream energy, then having a dream catcher near your bed is a must. 

The Twin Flame Secret Dream Catcher is surrounded with five crystals to represent flames, and at it's center is a circular red crystal that signifies the twin flame union. 

Dream catchers are mystic pieces that can be worn or lay by your bedside, to catch and connect to your most precious dreams that inspire you and show you the way in your journey -- all while holding back and not allowing bad dreams to stream towards your inner energy as you sleep. 

    • Pendant Size:  10.5*2.5cm
    • Size: 70+6cm
    • Material:   Zinc alloy and crystal
    • Color:  silver

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