Twin Flames Duality Necklace
Twin Flames Duality Necklace
Twin Flames Duality Necklace
Twin Flames Duality Necklace
Twin Flames Duality Necklace
Twin Flames Duality Necklace

Twin Flames Duality Necklace

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"The beauty of the Twin Flames Duality Necklace is that it is something I love hanging on my bed post. A magical necklace that I am able to meditate, and dream to... all while envisioning my journey. The space this beautiful necklace creates... I fill it with my own twin flame energy and imagination."   Christian Cee

When it comes to the world of love, passion, romance, it is not easy to find a jewelry piece that opens your imagination and inspires you at once. Even diamonds, and expensive gold jewelry pieces, are quite often without expression and imagination. 

To truly find inspiration, and vibrational energy... it all starts with imagination. 

The beauty of the Twin Flame Duality Necklace is in it's humble simplicity, yet these two hearts open up the doors to imagining your love story, through it's black and white spaces, it's light and darkness, ascension, and it's spirit that inspires us. 

These two beautifully shaped glass hearts embody the most essential elements of the twin flame soul mate journey.

Whether you are advanced and believe deeply on the concept of twin flames, or are just starting out and are curious about the journey of twin flames and duality, this necklace captivates the most essential elements of that universe:

  • Vibrant rays encircle the hearts, and the cross, to signify awareness through the awakening. 
  • The star of ascension represents your own personal ascension from the regular world into the enlightened state of 5D spirituality. 
  • The pointed cross reminds us of our spiritual beliefs that are the core that guides us through our struggle and unwavering devotion. 
  • The twin hearts (within the two glass hearts) emulates duality within our own personal universe of the twin flame journey. 
  • The crown represents our final victory of returning to our spiritual home with our true twin flame. It's a picture of our final union. 

If you want a jewelry piece that resonates within your own twin flame soul mate journey, something you can hold, meditate with, and dream with...  then the Twin Flame Duality Necklace will help you create that energy and bond that you have within yourself.

That's the beauty of this magical jewelry piece - you can wear it, hang it on our bed post, and the space that it creates... you fill it with your twin energy and imagination. 

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    • Pendant Size:  2.5 * 2.5 cm 
    • Material: Copper base, glass
    • Metals type: Zinc alloy
    • Color: Silver plated
    • Chain Length: 51+6cm (Extended chain), (1 inch=2.54 cm)

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Order now and get an additional snake chain (pictured in last photo). 

You will get:  2 hearts in one chain, plus an additional snake chain.